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These brilliant students are in primary school and looking for sponsors through the Tanzanian Education Foundation. Please support them to get the education they deserve. Please visit our Donations page to sponsor a child or donate to help these children get the education they deserve.

Gift is a vivacious and talkative 10 year old. He has had a very tough life, and is much more grown up than his years. His father has mental health problems and his mama is blind. Neither can work, but both look after each other and their three children. Gift is very talented in English and spent nearly an hour speaking articulately about his family and his life. Their family rarely has food at home, so he and his sisters, 6 and 7 years old, eat only at school. His only shoes are those that were given to him by the Tanzanian Education Foundation. Gift wants desperately to have a computer and be able to visit a library. He loves to read and loves to write stories, and is incredibly bright. Gift is responsible for all of the cleaning, fetching water and tending the vegetables at home. When he grows up he would like to be President so he can help families like his own.

Winifrida is 8 years old and already in class 2. She lives with her mama, 14 year old brother and 12-year-old sister. Her father left a few years ago. He used to send food home, but he hasn’t for a long time. Her mama has to ask neighbors, friends and her Church for money and food. Her 14-year-old brother left school to work to support them, but her older sister is still trying to finish. Winifrida achieves high grades, especially in Science. She works hard at home and doesn’t get a lot of time to play, but she loves to watch the planes fly overhead and would like to be a pilot when she grows up.

Dennis is a funny 8-year-old with lots of attitude. He is an only child and lives with his mama and father, who build houses and roads. His mama can’t work because she has terrible arthritis in her knee and ankle and can’t walk. He is good at math and fantastic at English. His family can’t afford to buy his schoolbooks and they often don’t have enough food, but he cleans around the house and cuts all the firewood for his family. He would like to be a soldier when he grows up.
Angel is a beautiful 7-year-old girl. She is the middle child of three siblings and the daughter of a motorcycle taxi driver and stay at home mother. She reads every storybook she can get her hands and finds comfort and inspiration in fairytales. Netball is her favorite game, not football like most of her classmates, although just playing make-believe with her classmates brings her great joy as well. Her father has been abusive in the past, and once Angel came to school after being beaten badly in the face. Her teachers work hard to protect her and she finds refuge from the insecurities of home in being at school. At school, Angel is carefree and a smile never leaves her face.
Elizabeth is a small 9 year old with a huge smile. She lives with her grandparents and younger brother who is 5. Her parents left to look for work and live far away, but they send home money to support the family. Her grandfather works at an engineering plant, but because her grandmother is sick Elizabeth must work at home. An accident with boiling water left badly scarring on Elizabeth’s arm. She loves coming to school and her face lights up as we talk about it. She loves math and history and would love to be a teacher when she grows up.
Dorcas is a bright and enthusiastic 6-year-old who always has a smile on her face. She has a younger brother who is one, and loves helping mama look after him. Her baba is a motorcycle driver, but Dorcas dreams of being a football player. She gets on really well with all the students in her class, helping to look after anyone who is sad. She also works really hard in class because if she doesn’t make it in football she would like to be a lawyer.
Maurin is 10 years old and lives with both her parents in Tengeru. Her mama stays at home and her father works when he can, building and fetching water for his neighbors. Maurin is in class 3 and works hard so she can be as smart as her brother and sister who are in secondary school. She loves her teachers and going to school and often stays late after class to talk with them. She also loves to plat and dance with her friends, swim in the river and play football. When she is older she would like to be in politics.
Angela is a bright and bubbly 10 year old. Her father is too sick to work, so her mama runs a hair salon from home to support the family. English is her favorite subject at school, and she is brilliant at it. She loves the colour pink, and loves to play football with her friends. When she is at home, she helps her mum clean, fetch the water and look after her younger sister. She is lucky because their family always has enough to eat and she is able to go to school.
Gift is 12 years old and he and his 5-year-old sister live with their mama and father. They are both very bright and do very well in school. He loves to run and play football, and when he is older he would like to run marathons. His mother is a nurse, but his father is an alcoholic and doesn’t work. Because his mama works different shifts each week, she is not often home. Gift prepares breakfast and dinner for his family and collects all the firewood. Once he’s finished with running, he would like to become a doctor.
Jenifrida is a very bright 9-year-old who loves school. She has a sister who is 11 and brother who is 8 and they all go to school. Her mama is a cook at her school and her father is a builder. She loves math and English and likes to play netball and piggy in the middle with her friends. At home she works in the garden planting vegetables, fruit and flowers. She also takes the buckets to fetch water each day and cleans the house. Because her mother works, there is a lot for her and her sister to do at home. When she is older she would like to be a teacher and take care of students.
Aisha lives near her school with her mama and father. She has an older sister who is 20, and twin brother and sister who are 12. Her mama sells clothes at the market and her father is a Sheikh at the local mosque. She loves to learn mathematics and playing netball and football. Despite both her parents working, their family doesn’t always have enough food, so they have to ask for help from the mosque. She likes to eat at school and sometimes asks the teachers to take some home. She would like to become a nurse when she is older.
Johanna is 10 years old and in class 3. She lives with her mama, father and two younger siblings. When she was younger her father couldn’t find work, and because there was not enough food, she had ulcers and was constantly sick. Now her father works driving a tractor on a farm and is able to earn enough to provide food each day. She is much healthier now and loves going to school to learn about science and geography. She would like to become a doctor so she can earn enough money to support her family.
Arbramane is a charming 10 year old with an incredible sense of social justice. His father does what work he can find, and his mama helps cook and clean for other families. His family has enough money for food, but often not much more. He excels in civics, geography and English and when he wants to be a policeman, “but a good one, not one who takes bribes”, he says. He wants to make sure Tanzanian’s live in peace and safety and to make sure children in his community are taken care of and not beaten or abused.
Sarafina is a beautiful 8-year-old. She lives with her mama, father, two young sisters and 14-year-old brother. Both her parents’ work on the family farm and her father sells their vegetables at local lodges. They always have enough food, but not much money. She loves fashion and getting dressed up. She gets good grades at school, but wishes she were better at computer class. Her favorite class is science. She loves to do gymnastics and run and when she grows up she would like to be a fashion designer or a nurse.
Sharon is 8 years old and in class 2. She has two younger sisters and an older brother who is at school. Her father works when he can, and her mother works in the home. Often their family doesn’t get enough to eat, and they regularly go to bed without dinner. Her grades are average, but she tries hard to learn, and is younger than many of the other children for her year. She loves to jump rope, and would like to work in medicine when she is older.
Jordan is the tallest 7-year-old in his class. He lives with his mama who is a cook at Meru View. His father left when he was young, but they still see each other during the school holidays. She is brilliant at science and math and would like to work as a chemist when she grows up. She loves chasing with her friends and playing football, but she has to get home early to help her mum cook and clean at home.
Hidiya is a beautiful and shy 7-year-old. She lives with her mama who sells phones and baba who is a taxi driver. She has a baby sister. Their family has enough to take care of her and encourage her to read and learn English. She loves sports at school, but when she grows up she would like to work as a chef or a hotel manager.
Gloria is 9 years old and lives with her mama who is a teacher, father, younger brother and extended family. Her father had a tree fall on him while he was at work, and has since had difficulty breathing properly. He’s been sick all of Gloria’s life. She is very shy, but does well at school, especially math. She plays football better than most of the boys in her class, and is very fit and strong. There’s not always enough money for uniform and school books, but her family make sure there is always enough food. Her family also try to share their food with their neighbors who they know can’t afford to eat properly.
David is Gloria’s younger brother and is 7 years old. He lives with his grandparents, aunt and uncle, and family. He enjoys computer and personal development class. He got 100 percent for computer class and at least 90 for all of his other subjects. He loves football, spending time with friends and singing at Church and would like to be a doctor when he grows up.
Agatha is 8 years old and lives with her older sister who is 21. Her parents left when she was just a baby, and she has never met them. Her sister works at home and her uncle supports them. Her sister didn’t get the chance to go to school, but wants to make sure Agatha can. She got 100 percent for math and 99 for English. She doesn’t get much time to play because she has to work at home, but she loves to play on the playground. She sings and dances while she works because she says it makes it fun. Her grandfather died when she was young, but her grandmother who lives in Dar es Salaam tries to help during the holidays.
Debora is a tiny 7 year old with a big smile. She lives with both her parents. Her father can’t work, but she doesn’t know why not. Her mama sells clothes at the market. They always have enough food and her parents take good care of her. She loves to swim in the river and is great at science and Swahili. She would like to be a nurse and look after sick babies when she is older.
Junita is a bright, fun 7 year old. She lives with her grandmother. She does very well in school getting 90 percent or higher for her classes. She loves to dance and skip. She would like to have a taxi when she is older, and thinks it’s a great way to meet people and talk to them.
Irene is eight years old and in Class Two. She lives with her mama, dad and two sisters in Chama. Her mama stays home with her youngest sister who is 4 months old, while her dad works as a motorcycle taxi in town. She loves school and excels in English and writing. In her spare time she loves to read fairytales and storybooks in English. She is extremely ticklish. Her saddest time was when she was sent home from school because her fees hadn’t been paid, but she is happily back at school while we are searching for someone to sponsor her.
Rahma is six years old and lives with her mama, baba and eightmonth- old sister in Tengeru. She loves to spend time with the local children playing football and is an ace defender. Her mama stays at home, and tends vegetables to feed the family while her father works in a phone shop. She loves books about adventure and travel and one day hopes she can go overseas.
Vanessa is 7 years old and live with her parents. They don’t work, but she gets food and her uniform from her grandmother who runs a big Maize farm. As she told me about her family she began to cry. Her mother is sick and Vanessa says that she is dying. Her father has tuberculosis and is sick as well. Her brother is also in school, but may have to leave to look after her father if he doesn’t get better. At home she cares for her mama and helps her father by doing the cooking and cleaning. She enjoys cooking the porridge for breakfast. On the weekends she gets to play netball. She also loves coming to school and is very good at math and spelling.
Gertrude is 8 years old and has had a very difficult life. Her mother only has one leg and hasn’t been able to work, so they both live with Gertrude’s grandmother. Her grandmother would regularly beat her, so for sometime Gertrude lived with her teacher. Her mother moved out of the house and doesn’t see Gertrude anymore. Gertrude has since moved home but tries to spend most nights each week with other families to avoid going home. When she is at home there is not any food, and all of her meals come from the school or from friends. Despite this she does very well in school particularly English and phonics and she loves jumping into the river with her friends on hot days. She would like to be a teacher when she is older.
Zamira is 10 years old and one of three children in his family. He is in Class One at school and loves being there. His favorite subject is reading. His greatest wish is to be able to continue school with proper supplies and uniform. His father works as a motorcycle taxi and his mom stays at home to care for the family. Zamira was helping his father chop wood, part of his daily chores, when he cut his hand with a machete. His family couldn’t afford medical treatment, but his teachers helped to get him care. Unfortunately he has lost movement in his thumb and forefinger. Despite the hardships he’s endured, Zamira is an upbeat and enthusiastic kid. He loves playing football and thrives in his school community.
Ayubu is 8 years old and lives with his grandmother. The small family also receives support when possible from his uncle. His older brother is twelve, but his baby brother and his mother died when he was young. His father isn’t a part of his life, living out of town. His grandmother is too old to be able to work, but she takes good care of them in the house. Sometimes though, the family is unable to provide dinner or breakfast, so the boys eat all they can at school and go to bed hungry. He has broken his hand twice, and fortunately his teachers were able to help him receive medical care. He is a kind child but does not have carefree childhood. His greatest concern is having enough food to eat for himself and his family.
Faudhia is 7 years old and lives with her mama and father in Tengeru. She is in Class One and works very hard at school. She loves to play football and games in the classroom, and despite being a great student, doesn’t like having to go back to the classroom when playtime is over. She loves to read and works hard to learn English. There are five children in her family. Her mama works at a shop and her father drives a taxi, despite them having good jobs, they sometimes find it hard to feed and look after such a large family.
Yohanna is 8 years old. He lives with his aunt because his mama went to Dar es Salaam to live and his father moved to Tanga. They sent him to live with his aunt so she would send him to school. He has a 3-year-old sister who lives with his grandmother, but they see each other in the holidays. He sees his parents once a year. He loves science, and achieved 99 percent last semester and he achieved a grade of 100 percent for Swahili. He likes to swing in the playground, and would love to become a pilot when he is older.

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