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Meru View Project

A primary goal of TEF is to make Meru View an exemplary day school in Arusha, Tanzania. In order to achieve such high standards, TEF must meet & accomplish all of their stated goals.

Students Daily Schedule at Meru View

6am-7am - fetch water from nearby stream. Cook breakfast consisting of tea, fruit, rice maybe beans

7am-8am - walk to school, and they bring water. School has no running water or electricity

8am-10:30am - school starts, most of schoolwork is written on chalkboards, then students spend a lot of time copying. No textbooks are available.

10:30am-11:15am - kids get to play on the playground

11:15am-12:00 - children eat porridge and have a final gathering where the principle takes attendance and gives end of day announcements. Then they leave to go home for the day.


In order for TEF to meet their educational, nutrition, & health goals for the children, TEF must support construction projects involving Meru View.

A well must be dug to supply the children with clean, healthy water. Meru View needs a kitchen so porridge could be prepared on a daily basis. The construction of a fence would secure the children's safety. Two additional classrooms are a dire necessity in efforts to increase the attendance of more children in Arusha & the surrounding areas. With the purchase of a school bus, transportation will be offered to any child who wants to attend Meru View. TEF is committed to making these construction goals a reality. With your support, the children of Meru View could experience a brighter educational future.

Here is a list of repairs and improvements that we are striving toward for the Meru View Day School in Tanzania.

  • daily porridge
  • school supplies
  • daily vitamins
  • doctor’s visit
  • health classes
  • medical care
  • education
  • teachers’ salaries
  • student support
  • family emergencies
  • daily Meru Peak expenses
  • field trips
  • continuing teachers training

Proposed Blueprints for Meru View Construction

Proposed Blueprints for Administration Office

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Our Scholarship Program helps the children graduating from Meru View to continue their education. A scholarship for one student will include: school fees, uniforms, pens, pencils, examination fees, school books, and exercise books. We can send these students to either a government school or a private school with your help. 


We have several goals not only for the children and Meru View, but for the community as well.

1. To bring awareness on HIV/AIDS and the effects it has on women, men, children and their community as a whole.

2. Encourage partnership and cooperation with local government and non-governmental institutions to make available resources so we can eliminate illiteracy and the lack of education in Tanzania.

3. To monitor and evaluate projects and programs we have undertaken.

4. To map out and create awareness among the community about the importance of education in order to fight poverty, improve the environment, and reduce gender inequality in Tanzania.

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