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Donate to the Tanzanian Education Foundation(TEF) 

Please Remember that TEF is a 501(c)(3) organization so all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

All donations go to sponsor the students of Meru View Nursery School, a small school in Tengeru Village outside Arusha, Tanzania. These funds allow us to provide such basic needs as porridge, milk, writing utensils, and books. We are also able to offer scholarships to those students so that they may continue their education. The scholarships pay for uniforms, school tuition, and any other assistance they may need. We greatly appreciate your purchase from our foundation and any donations you may contribute.

Ways to Donate

At TEF, we take pride in our close personal relationships with the schools and children that we sponsor. In order for us to keep in such close contact, we must visit the school. This is also how we know exactly where all of the donations are going and that all of our projects meet TEF's standards. The trip is a big expense for the foundation mainly due to the soaring price of airline tickets. Your generous donation of airline miles can help us provide a better service to the school and the children as well as help us maintain projects and monitor our donations.

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The Tanzanian Education Foundation is always deeply grateful for any and all donations made to the organization.

Send a Donation via Mail

Please mail any donation to: 1562 Clark Sound Circle, Charleston, SC 29412

Donate Online Now! 

Donate $75 dollars or more, and we will send you a free t-shirt!

In-Kind Donations

Since we very conscious of where we spend money at TEF, In-Kind donations are important. Currently, we are in need of laptops, digital cameras, office space, fax machine, airline miles, office supplies, and international cell phones, GPS systems, and copy machines.

We at TEF strongly believe in supporting the community as a whole not just as a school in the community. This is why we only buy our supplies in Tanzania. This helps support not only the children of Meru View Nursery School, but their family and friends as well. We really believe that it takes “a village to raise a child”.

Sponsor a Graduating Child $544.00 per year

Costs for Attending Primary Education

Private Schools (english Medium)

school fees (3 terms @ $150)
uniform & sweater (2 pair)*
books for each subject
pens (10 @ $0.20)
pencils (10 @ $0.10)
exercise books




*to be paid only once


Build a Fence at Meru View

Meru View Nursery School needs a fence built around the school in order to keep the children safe. Now the children can just walk out of school and go home. Currently, anyone can enter the school without permission. The construction of a fence will keep the children in the school and keep any unannounced visitors out, which will enhance the safety of the children & the school’s personnel. The total cost of the fence is $4000.00

Build a Kitchen at Meru View Nursery School:

Please look at the picture below, and you will be looking at the kitchen in Meru View. Everyday is a struggle to cook the porridge for the children. With the new kitchen, there will be running water and it will be a lot safer, not only for the cooks, but for the children as well. The cost of building the kitchen is $2000.00

Dig a well, & install plumbing/running water at Meru View Nursery School.

This is our first priority construction project. By digging a well and installing plumbing, Meru View will have running water. The children will have clean drinking water, and they will be able to wash their hands frequently. The general health of the school will improve greatly. The cost of digging the well and installing plumbing and new toilets is $6000.00.

Build a Classroom at Meru View Nursery School

We are in great need of 2 new classrooms at Meru View. By building these new classrooms, we will be able to double the amount of children that are able to come to the school. By building 2 new classrooms, we will be able to reach out to more children in the village and grant them with an education. Cost per classroom is $12,000 dollars. Please view the blueprints below to see all the details.

Proposed Nursery School Blueprint
Proposed Administration Office Blueprint

Medical Care & Doctor Visits $200 per year

$200 per year includes medicine, doctors’ visits and medical supplies.

Buy a TEF T-Shirt

The TEF T-Shirts are 100% Cotton. The short sleeve tee is $15 dollars and the long sleeve tee is $20 (seasonal) Choose a size, the quantity you want to purchase, and the color.

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Pick Color: Grey,Green,Brown

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