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About the Tanzanian Education Foundation(TEF) 

The Tanzanian Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization formed in 2006 by Nicole Miller and Erica Oblinger along with local attorney Jay P. Cone in Charleston, SC and has now expanded across the country to Portland, Oregon.

In October 2006, Nicole and Erica traveled to the village of Tengeru in Arusha, Tanzania to volunteer as teachers in local, poverty-stricken schools. Over the month that they were there, they formed a deep appreciation for the African culture, and absolutely fell in love with the children. Time after time,  they ran into cases of incredibly poor children with great attitudes towards life, and an irresistible urge to learn. It seemed that the only obstacles holding them back were a lack of money and resources. 

Back in America, Nicole and Erica could not shake the desire to continue helping these children in some way. Out of that altruistic urge, grew what is now the Tanzanian Education Foundation. Our organization is based on the belief that an offer of help and hope will affect the future of these children.  We believe that through education, academic as well as cultural, they will be able to rise above the obstacles set in front of them, and lead themselves and their own children out of the never-ending cycle of poverty and death that now afflicts this region of the world. 

We believe that, by starting small, we can plant the seeds of education and awareness which will hopefully flourish into a brighter future for such a wonderful and beautiful people who might not otherwise ever get that chance.

Mission Statement

The Tanzanian Education Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Charleston, SC. We are dedicated to providing the less fortunate children of Arusha, Tanzania with the opportunity to receive an education. We are confident that by providing education, we are also providing a means for a brighter future and the alleviation of poverty.

Vision Statement 

We envision educational support for every child in Tengeru, Tanzania. By 2015, Meru View Day School will be self- sufficient, and we will have expanded our efforts to other nursery schools. TEF wants to increase our educational scholarships in the Arusha, Tanzania area. 

Through education, we hope to give the children of Tanzania the opportunity to reach their full potential, lead better lives, and inspire future generations.

Meet Our Team

Baba Juma

Baba Juma first started Meru View Day School from his house about six years ago.  He knew there was a need for a school in his village because every day there were children running around unsupervised and uneducated. With the help of his wife, he started Meru View Day School in the village of Tengeru.  He now has 40 students regularly attending the school and is eager to expand to help as many children as he can.  Without his huge heart and endless hard work, these children would still be in the streets. Baba Juma is the soul of Meru View Day School and an inspiration to all of us at TEF.

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller was born in Denver, Colorado and has spent the last seven years living in Charleston, SC.  At an age when others were undecided about their future, Nicole’s goals were always clear.  She was destined to help children in need. Through volunteerism in Tanzania, Nicole co-founded the Tanzanian Education Foundation. Her dedication and passion to help these children is endless. She is an inspiration, a friend, and always there with a smile! Nicole has recently moved to Portland, OR in hopes of expanding TEF’s reach across the country, and to help spread the word about the desperate needs of the children in Tanzania.

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Erica Oblinger 

After her first volunteer trip to Africa in 2006, Erica Oblinger knew there was much more that she could do to help these children that had impacted her life. Once back home in Charleston, SC she co-founded the Tanzanian Education Foundation. Originally from Huntington, WV, Erica works nonstop to make the foundation what it is today.  Through her tireless efforts and generous heart, she strives everyday to make a difference in the lives of these children, and will continue to lay the ground work for a brighter future.

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Read what our partners have to say about our efforts in Tanzania

Reference Letter from Paul (Jay) Jacob Cone II

Reference Letter from Donna Duggan                                                                

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